Advice for Dubai Drivers: Useful Things to Be Aware of

The transport system of Dubai allows you to travel around the city and the emirate quickly and comfortably. For a tourist who is going to travel using car rental, it will be useful to learn about some nuances when driving to Dubai. To begin with, we will consider the important aspects about car rental in UAE in general.

Dubai is unthinkable without a transport that is why the best option will be a car, which you can hire right at the airport. So all you need to get a rental car in Dubai is:

  • International license (they are issued for three years).
  • Registered credit or debit card with money (you must have an exact amount to pay for a car and some extra ones).
  • Maps of the UAE on the phone or navigator.

Situation with roads

Roads and junctions are chic, many speed bumps and almost everywhere a circular movement. Without a navigator you cannot go far. In the UAE, there is also a paid site – Sheikh Zayed Road. This road connects the Jumeirah area, Dubai airport and the old center of Dubai, which is divided by a narrow and long bay. Two parts of the city – Deira and Bar Dubai – are connected by an underwater tunnel, three regular bridges and one pontoon bridge, which is bred for shipping at night.

Traffic and how to behave on the road

The most intensive movement is on Friday. At this time in the United Arab Emirates is a day off. A large number of people go to rest on the beach, shopping and just on business. Note that the movement right-sided. Here, it is customary for pedestrians to give way, and also to leave the extreme lanes for special cases, moving, if possible, on the central ones.

At the roundabouts, the main road is always in a circle. Entry to any intersection in case of formation of a congestion on it is considered a gross violation even when the green traffic signal is switched on. In addition, a non-fastened seat belt is also a violation. If there is an interference on the left, you should give way on the equivalent roads.

Some words about parking

Parking rules must be observed strictly. The places marked with a red border are strictly forbidden to occupy. For violation of this rule, a large fine or evacuation of the car follows. Paid parking for a rental car is common in the center of the cities in the UAE. Penalty for non-payment of parking – 150 dirhams. From 13 to 16 and then from 23-00 to 08-00 hours parking cannot be paid. If to speak in general, parking is 90% paid. Learn about the cost per hour and at what time can be paid for on special devices that issue a coupon to the parking lot.

Road Restrictions

The city has a speed limit of 60 km/h, on autobahns – 100 km/h. At different sites, traffic at speeds of 80, 100, and sometimes even 120 kilometers per hour can be permitted. To exceed the set speed is not recommended, as both in cities as well as on the routes there are radars installed.

Interesting fact! In Dubai, the tourist police began to work. Communication with tourists is possible in English, German, Russian, Arabic, and Indian languages. So, if you get into an unpleasant situation, call on the toll-free line 8004438.

By the way, don’t forget to check whether everything is ok when you rent a car! Have a good and still driving!