Family Vacation: Weighing Road Trip Vs. Vacation Getaway

“Trip” and “vacation” are often used interchangeably, but they are two very different things. A trip is a “journey”, while a vacation is “time spent away from home or work in recreation.” When it comes to family vacation, the consideration of whether it is a trip or an actual vacation entirely depends on who is being asked.

If you’re a kid who is about to spend some time away from school and homework, it’s definitely a vacation. If you’re a parent who is about to take your kids to a family vacation, it’s absolutely going to be a roller coaster of a trip.

Family vacation is always a perfect time for bonding and making memories–but if you have kids, it’s never a walk in the park. Not having the right expectations can lead to disappointment and ultimately, memories that would take years for you to be able to eventually laugh about.

When planning a getaway for the family as a parent, it’s important to always be physically and mentally prepared. Here are some points to guide you:

Is it a Trip or a Vacation?

It never seems like a vacation when you’re attending to your kids every need. Going on family vacation with your children is realistically just like being at home, but in a different place where you still have to cook, clean, and basically worry about anything that could go wrong.

While family vacations are expected to be spent happily, it sometimes just doesn’t go as planned when reality kicks in.

Road Trip: Surviving the Long Ride

The most challenging part of a family vacation is the ride from the house to the vacation destination. This is when the kids’ excitement quickly turns to restlessness, making your road trip more miserable.

Road trips are not always fun, but they’re survivable. The key is recognizing your child’s limits. Parents are at the mercy of their children’s pace when traveling. When going on a trip, it is best to tailor the travel plans to the children’s needs and boundaries.

While their limits can be stretched by bringing plenty of snacks and preparing lots of games, there will always be things that could go wrong. You could run into car trouble, or if you’re flying, your flight could be delayed or canceled.

In such instances, distraction is your best friend–buying new toys, books, or games can help get your child through the long drive or flight. Nobody is judging you for not being able to control your kid. As long as your child and everyone else is safe, the trip is off to a good start.

When Kids Stop Being Excited About Family Getaways

If your teenager isn’t excited to go on family vacation, it’s normal. It’s a natural phase that they go through as they are near age-appropriate independence.

During this time, it is best for parents to include their children in the decision-making and planning stages of a family vacation. By encouraging open communication and participation, they will be able to reduce the resistance and enjoy a getaway with family.

Fun for Everyone

There’s a way for a family vacation to be fun for both you and your kids—an all-inclusive family getaway. Doing an all-inclusive package, you get to have moments of real vacation while your kids are attending supervised programs specifically designed for them.

There will be plenty of activities to keep your kids entertained and places to take them to eat. With an all-inclusive family getaway, all you need to do is to show up and enjoy all the available activities and amenities.

There are also activities you’re whole family can do together. Your family can enjoy excursions, scuba diving, nightly entertainment, and more.

Vacationing Without the Kids

Being a parent is the most demanding job of all, and it’s a job that doesn’t allow you to take lengthy vacations. As a parent, you’re entirely responsible for another life other than your own and that drastically changes your priorities in life.

When your kids are older, you may be interested in a couples all-inclusive vacation. You are able to take time you and your partner will desperately need

No matter where you decide to go, or if you chose to bring your kids or not–vacationing is a necessity, and is suggested when dealing with the stresses of life. Don’t be afraid or ashamed to take a vacation once in awhile, your hectic life will be waiting for you when you return.