Make it Memorable: Minnesota Attractions that Will Keep Your Family Entertained for Days

You can challenge your kids to spell Mississippi and then you can tell them all about Minnesota, which is found at the starting point of that famous stretch of water.

What you can tell your kids about Minnesota is that it is a fun place to visit and even better than telling them all about, why not plan a trip to this part of America that could even be described as a giant playground for kids.

Here is a look at some of the awesome and fun things to do and see when you arrange a family trip to Minnesota.

Plenty of theme park options

If you arrange to stay at somewhere like The Hotel Minneapolis you will be in a good spot to go exploring the area and enjoy some of the theme parks in the area.

Most kids can’t resist the chance to spend a day or two at a theme park and it is a no-brainer form of entertainment if you are planning a family vacation.

There are a few in the area that stand out and should give you hours of laughter and enjoyment, including Nickelodeon Universe, Valleyfair, and Cascade Bay.

Nickelodeon Universe is able to boast that it is the largest indoor theme park in the U.S and there is something for all ages with rides and attractions that feature some of the Nickelodeon favorites like Dora the Explorer and SpongeBob.

Valleyfair is a theme park that offers more than 75 rides so the kids are unlikely to run out of options, and Cascade Bay is widely regarded as one of the most popular water parks in Minnesota, guaranteed to put a smile on their faces as your kids explore everything from slides to shipwrecks.

Enjoy some animal encounters

Visiting a well-run zoo these days is an educational experience for your children as well as providing them with a healthy dose of entertainment at the same time.

Minnesota Zoo is well worth a visit during your time in the area as it covers a massive 480-acres of outdoor trails to explore combined with one of the largest indoor interconnected zoo exhibits to be found anywhere in the country.

Lake Superior Zoo is also worthy of mention if you want some animal encounters on a much smaller scale, but no less enjoyable.

A fun way to learn

It is often good to mix up the family entertainment and spend some quiet time away from the thrills and spills of theme parks and outdoor adventure of visiting a zoo, and a visit to a museum or two is a good contrast.

Learning is fun at a kid-friendly museum and the area has several options such as the Spam Museum, Bell Museum of Natural History and the Minnesota Museum of American Art.

You can choose from dozens of museums and educational attractions in the area, all of which provide a fun way to learn.

As you can see, there are plenty of family-friendly attractions in Minnesota and there will be loads of opportunities to create some magical vacation memories.