The De Facto Australia Visa

One of the most vexing aspects of Australian immigration is that the De Facto Australian Visa

This type of visa applies to relationships which are unmarried using a Australian resident, Australian citizen. There are particular factors which need to be considered before utilizing this as the way of entry into Australia. This is but a reflection of changing social values which lead to an increase of unmarried couples who bear fruit but face the problem of immigrating into the nation.

These de facto Australia visas are applied for and have the duration of 2 years which provide the person the liberty to apply for permanent residency.  Since this type of visa is prone to fraud and abuse, there are many parameters which have been put forth for these sorts of visas.  These are the requirements which need to be present in order to meet the requirements for this type of special visa.

  • The applicant must maintain a “genuine, constant de facto relationship” with the sponsoring partner and this relationship must be at least 12 months in length.
  • The relationship with the sponsor must be exclusive and genuine
  • Both parties need to have the ability to prove they’ve dwelt together/are living together, although they might have to live individually on a temporary basis while the application for a De Facto Australia Visa is considered.
  • The applicant must have the ability to produce evidence that the relationship has been continuing for 12 months, is genuine rather than a short-term arrangement.
  • Aside from the above provided principle, the following are also requirements which should be complied with by the applicant:
  • Undergo a medical evaluation, which will include a chest x ray, by a physician chosen from a panel put together by the Austrian authorities.
  • The applicant must also have the ability to present certificated proof they don’t have any criminal record in any country in which they’ve remained for over 12 months, over the previous ten decades.
  • Other evidence and evidence as might be required during the process of application

The application process for de facto Australian visas usually choose between three to six months however if there are problems that arise, the application length might be extended.  All the evidence and evidence presented could be investigated and confirmed and after suspicious circumstances are found, or there’s a lack of evidence or other mitigating factor, then the application would outrightly be rejected by the Australian authorities. Click here to find out more about it.

Both year timespan upon reception of the approved visa along with also the option to apply for permanent residence provides ample time to make sure that the relationship is real and with no shady conditions.  This also is the time for governments to root out fraudulent visa applications through the instructions now in place.

In case you’ve got the proper documentation and evidence to support such relationship, then moving through the process would not have any hitch and could pass fast.  Just make sure that all your paperwork and signs are genuine and bona fide and you will find out that there are very few hindrances across the way to Australia.