Top 5 San Francisco Restaurants For Under $25

  Anyone traveling by RV rental through northern California would be wise to stop off in San Francisco. This dazzling city has so many sights and activities it will take several days to get it all in. Although you may have heard about the high cost of living in San Francisco and wish to steer clear, keep in mind that there are many establishments were you can score a delicious, high-end meal for less than $25. You never have to go broke feeding yourself in San Francisco as long as you know where to get the best deals. So if you will be passing through on your next trip, make sure to check out the below spots for some cheap eats.

The Chairman

This legendary San Francisco eatery may have started out as a food truck, but it has since grown into one of the most loved restaurants in the city. The Chairman specializes in stuffed bao, and you can grab a large baked bun stuffed with pork belly or tofu or two steamed buns for just ten bucks. You can also get a rice bowl with marinated mushrooms, cucumbers, sprouts, tempura, pickled daikon, and your choice of chicken or pork for ten dollars. Needless to say, the Chairman is the perfect place to get a delicious dinner in a great venue for well under 25 dollars.

Pica Pica

The Mission has long been known as a run down part of town, but no longer. This section of San Francisco has been undergoing a major renaissance of late, including an influx of great restaurants, nightlife, and condominiums. One that that hasn’t changed, however, is the chance to get a great meal for cheap. Take for example Pica Pica where you can dine on terrific gluten-free dishes for a price much cheaper than your average highly rated modern establishment in the city. This is traditional Venezuelan fare lovingly prepared in a traditional manner. Highly recommended is the Arepas. These pocket breads are stuffed with fillings such as crispy chicken, tomatoes, avocado, and salso. Coming in at just $9.50 per plate, these delicious traditional arepas certainly won’t break your budget.  


Kasa is another former food truck which has found success and transitioned into a brick and mortar establishment. Here you can get yourself one of their signature kati rolls for just twelve dollars. The kati roll provides a lot of bang for your buck with fillings such as chicken, a wide assortment of veggies, chutney, rice, and cucumbers. Eating cheap is rarely as delicious and filling as with the kati roll at Kasa. This is a great stop for those fresh into the city after many long hours on the road in their RV rental. This nourishing meal will refresh you and give you the energy needed to spend several days exploring the great city of San Francisco.

Tommy’s Joynt

One of San Francisco’s storied traditions is the hofbrau, which is a cafeteria where you serve yourself after grabbing a trey and hitting the buffet line. Tommy’s Joynt is an updated version of this concept, with a full bar and carving station added. Here you can find daily dinners for $9.75 or less, with features such as brisket, roast beef, turkey, or chili. If you skip the side, your meal will only be $6.75, so you can be assured a decent meal for less than ten dollars no matter what. Tommy’s is one of the hottest eateries in the city, featuring an interesting crowd and a dining experience different than your traditional sit-down restaurants offer. Whene you add the cheap menu into this equation, you have yourself an absolute must-do when in the city.

Soapbox Café

This popular eatery is THE PLACE to pick up the best banh mi in the city. Here the fresh French bread is piled with carrots, jalapenos, radish, cilantro, cucumber, and slices of pork belly, tofu, and lemongrass. This delicious plate will only cost you $8, and those on diets can opt for the thin rice wrap instead. And no worries if you want to spring for the most complicated combo sandwich on the menu, as these are yours for the same price. When it comes to a great dinner for a very cheap price, then the Soapbox is definitely not to be missed.

There are many establishments in San Francisco where terrific meals can be had for a cheap price. All you have to do is plan accordingly, mapping out the cheap spots before you hit town so you have an idea of where to eat each night. Any budget traveler moving through Northern California in an RV rental can rejoice in knowing all the pleasures of San Francisco await them, and that they don’t have to go broke in order to enjoy them.