Try These Delicious Thai Dishes While on Your Tour to Bangkok

 Bangkok is one of the largest cities on Thailand and is considered to be the melting pot of various people and food. Food Tour Bangkok can be really interesting, as you will get the opportunity to test different Thai cuisine. People in Bangkok prefer sweet flavor in all their dishes where they include pork, freshwater fish, coconut milk and palm sugar. Since it is near seaside you can eat plenty of sea foods. Chinese and Muslims have also brought the flavor of their foods to various Thai dishes.

Following are few Bangkok foods that you can try during your next Food Tours Bangkok.

·        Pat Tai

This is one of the well-known Thai dishes that you can find in any Bangkok street. It is taken with rice or noodles with dried or fresh shrimp, tofu, bean sprouts, egg and seasonings. They are served with sliced banana flower. You may visit Thip Samai during your next Bangkok Food Tour to test this dish.

·        Tom yam

You can find Tom Yam almost anywhere in Bangkok, but if you want to test the best one then you can visit Krua Apsorn, which is a famous shop house cum restaurant at Bangkok.

·        Gooay teeo reua

It is a kind of noodles, which is generally served in the boats near canal or rivers of Bangkok. It consists of meat, herbs, dried spices and sometimes pork or beef. You can try this dish at Bharani during your Bangkok Food Tours.

·        Mah hor

This is a delicate Thai snack, which contains fruits like mandarin orange or pineapple with a topping of chicken, pork, peanuts, peppercorns, sugar and coriander root. This item has become rare, however at nahm you can find in their set meal.

·        Kanom beuang

This snack is served with filings of sweet, duck egg, preserved fruit and mixture of dried shrimp and white pepper. You can get this from any street vendor at Nang Loeng Market.